The country of panama Wedding Customs

Panama has its own unique wedding traditions. The tradition is mostly Christian, so many of the marriage ceremony traditions experience a religious factor. For example , the groom must give the star of the wedding 13 precious metal money and place them in a special box during the marriage ceremony. These gold coins are thought to represent the groom’s tasks to his bride. Some also feel that the 13 coins depict the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Many women who all seek another partner are looking for a man with specific characteristics. They anticipation their fresh husbands will probably be affectionate and have kids. Panama wedding practices can be extremely traditional, but they are often fun. Panamanian brides are honest and family-oriented and want a partner with whom they will start a friends and family. They are also accessible to other cultures and traditions.

Another important tradition is the hora loca (Spanish with regards to “crazy hour”). The hora loca may be a party in a get together. It is often followed by the formal wedding reception and includes a dance party. Friends are invited to join the fun. For instance , the wedding couple may have two unique wedding dresses.

Many Panamanian weddings include the exchange of 13 gold coins during the feast day. These silver and gold coins, known as las arras, are presented in ornate bins. This custom originated in Spain yet has been implemented in Panama. These types of coins are based on the groom’s responsibility to provide for his bride and are why do people online date generally a symbol of the Christian faith.

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