Julius D Trombino Obituary 2016 Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Julius was the youngest, and he was an amazing person. He was so kind and loving and smart and handsome and athletic and like, without even trying, he was great at sports, any sport he tried, he was so good at. He didn’t necessary love being in the classroom atmosphere, but he would take it upon himself to learn things on his own. It was a tragedy for everyone who knew Julius, because he touched so many lives and inspired so many people.

  • After about a year of sobriety, Julius decided he wanted to move out of the recovery home and into the dorms at his college.
  • One of those people he inspired was his sister, Christina.
  • Obviously, the song “Love More” I love because it’s catchy, it’s fun, it’s poppy, and that is a big reason why we named our foundation Love More for Julius, because of the song.
  • A couple of his really good friends wrote songs about him in his honor, and …
  • He was sober and doing well, and that was the last year of his life, when it finally worked for him and he maintained sobriety for about a year before he passed.

He taught himself everything by ear. He listened to the music, listened to the beat, taught himself by ear, taught himself guitar by ear, learned to sing. He was in chorus at school, and then he taught himself — this is like the amazing part — he could play guitars, drums, the keyboard. So, when it came time for high school, when he had to choose a sport or music, because sports was so competitive, and it was very time-consuming, he did choose music. And that’s kind of how he started seriously dedicating his time to music, was when he kind of dropped sports.

Leaving a Legacy After Overdose: How Artists’ Stories are Inspiring Others

You can hear that one online, “When the Night’s Over.” He wrote that at probably age 11, and recorded it by age 12, and then at age 17 he was opening up for the Jonas Brothers, so, kind of came a long way, just a couple of years. First of all, just to go back a little bit about how he even learned all this music and how he got to be so amazing, is he taught himself everything. He taught himself how to — yes, he went to piano lessons, but he never really read the music.

julius trombino death

I guess he desired the drugs more than anything — any future plans for him. Love More for Julius strives to support people in recovery through music, and is starting to make an impact by bringing new forms of musical expression to people in New Jersey. Julius always wanted people to love each other more, and Christina thought of a way to do that. Christina started a non-profit organization and took the title of one of her brother’s songs to name it. She called the organization, Love More for Julius, after his song, Love More.

Julius Leaves a Legacy

She’s been a huge part of this foundation because she’s musically talented. So, she’s been amazing in helping with that aspect of the foundation, and she goes to Prevention Link once a week and teaches the kids music therapy. We’re calling it a music therapy class where currently they’re doing song writing to let out their expressions in a creative outlet and a healthy outlet versus like the traditional therapies. I guess a few months into the college classes, he wanted to get out of the sober living home and live in the dorm. He wanted to be a normal college kid, so he moved out and he was only there one week, literally about a week. It was his birthday, and he was living with just some random kids, but they didn’t know that he had addiction problems.

Other things that people have done in Julius’ honor were several people last year ran in the New York City marathon with Love More t-shirts in his honor. A few families are feeding the homeless annually the risks of mixing alcohol and summer heat in Julius’ honor, and they’ll wear Love More shirts and go out there and feed the homeless at different times of the year. So there’s a bunch of families that are doing that, which is so nice.

We want to spread the message to stop the bullying. Actually, even more than the bullying, what hurts most is the complacency of the people witnessing the bullying. People like Julius’ friends, who didn’t do anything.

In Loving Memory

Music, his sister explained in an interview with The Recovery Village, wasn’t just his passion — it was also his solace and comfort. If you know of an upcoming event for Julius D Trombino, please add one. Any interactives on this page can buspirone buspar only be played while you are visiting our website. The audio, illustrations, photos, and videos are credited beneath the media asset, except for promotional images, which generally link to another page that contains the media credit.

julius trombino death

He was, like always invited to meetings and dinners. He was even flown out to California, actually, to write with a famous song writer called Toby Gad. That was a huge point where like, he didn’t need anybody to be successful. He could write, produce, record, play, and then engineer the entire song. Julius had been sober for about a year when he relapsed for the final time. The end began with a decision to move out of sober living and try living in a dorm.

Obviously, the song “Love More” I love because it’s catchy, it’s fun, it’s poppy, and that is a big reason why we named our foundation Love More for Julius, because of the song. Most of the songs are on the website, all done 100 percent by him. Those songs were amazing, and he really wanted to share them with the world. Then, he got a band behind him called Julius and it was a live band that would just …. But, I think he got into music because like when he played sports, he would experience some unfair treatment, and a lot of the kids were not able to play, and that really turned him off the sports. He didn’t like seeing other kids being left out, and he felt it took the fun out of the game.

She was inspired to write an entire musical play featuring Julius’ 25 original complete songs. The play tells the story of his life and uses the songs to tell the story of his life. That’s an amazing honor that my mom did for him.

We’d always go on ski trips as a family. He would golf with my dad, and he also loved, like I said, learning on his own. He loved to read and write and he was very creative in addition to being athletic, which is, you usually have either one or the other, but he really had both, and he was brilliant at both. He was born with an exceptional ear and an immense amount of talent.

Julius D Trombino Obituary

He was like, “It’s a team sport. Everyone should participate,” and he just didn’t like the win-and-lose how long can alcohol be detected? type mentality of sports. The Naloxone Guide Learn how to administer this life-saving opioid antidote.

He felt he was strong enough, but any advice I can give to people would just be please don’t do it. Even if you think you’re ready, you need to have somebody there to support you, like a mentor. Tell your roommates if you’re going to be in a college dorm. He should have told the roommates that he was an addict, and they would help him to not push him to go out for a beer. He was doing so great, and when you’re first in the program, they don’t let you really have a job or go to school or anything.

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Christina says her hope now is to expand the group’s reach beyond just New Jersey. In the future, she’d like to partner with sober living homes and rehabs in other states to help them build music rooms and local chapters of Love More for Julius. To accomplish that, she says, she’s looking forvolunteersto help with everything from marketing to event planning. The group also acceptsdonationsof money and instruments. But Love More for Julius is more than just a non-profit.

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